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This was so much fun I really like it


came from graystillplayz



Surprising backstory is surprising! I'm late, but it would be amazing if this were turned into a full game. I wanted to see the different calls I could get from my partner Alex and my affair-especially the cat lady.

Really love this! Would love to see it made into a full game, good job!

I really love this game but i will love it even more if there was many days in it with a story beside it!

you know what. customer service might not be that bad ... lol, the sorce material is not my cup of tea but i can enjoy a short well made game any day 


I found your game on and I'm really interested in it. If it is possible, I'd like to make a YouTube video out of your game. I'd like to take the chance of showing other people your game.

Have a nice day!

^ . ^


How to transfer a call? pls tell me :)


press 'hold', then 'transfer', then type in the 4 digit extension, and then press the person you want to transfer :)

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It'd be nice if it were longer. I'd like to go through multiple days with many different kinds of randomized calls.

Also, a settings menu would be good, since the resolution doesn't really fit my screen well. I can see the dialogue, but it's incredibly difficult for me to read the notes on the desk. I'd like to make it bigger.

Otherwise, I kinda like it.

Amazing game theres nothing wrong with it at all


This is SO GOOD. I loved it!! It was so much fun!!! I'd love a full-on game about this. Different days with each different type of calls. I would buy it!!