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After decades (or centuries) of dungeon crawling and monster slaying, four elderly adventurers have finally retired to spend their twilight years in relaxation and peace:

  • Raol Eon, a shifter ranger: He's losing his sense of smell and his hearing is going as well, but he continues to hunt...for time alone to gaze at the moon. The hunt is never-ending, for his nurses are determined to teach him how to use a tablet.
  • Balthasar Wildstone, a half-elven wizard: He's amassed a vast array of eccentric oddities and an even vaster array of ridiculous stories as to how he obtained and lost them. Given his tendency to misplace (or explode) his keepsakes, no one believes even half of his tales.
  • Þôb Þùnartilat, a dwarven bard: He may have given up adventuring, but he has yet to give up drinking, strumming the lute, or stealing from the other party members and apologizing profusely when they notice.
  • Jolie Cooper, a human fighter: After her career in the army, she's ready for anything, as long as she takes a nap first. Maybe a nap in the middle too, and definitely one when it's all over.

The four squabbling heroes must put their differences aside when faced with their most challenging adventure yet...accepting their inevitable fate. Some of them are ready to die, but they won't go without putting up one last fight via the tried-and-true tower defense strategy: building stuff that fights for you and then running (or wheeling) away.

All art, music, and writing was created for this jam in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 50 by a team of six people as tired as Jolie. We could not get the web version to work, but please enjoy the download.


The tutorial was introducing bugs, so half of it was removed before submission. Here's what you need to know.

This game combines tower defense with real-time strategy. Select a hero to move them around and build, repair, or upgrade towers that will help you defeat enemies. Building towers requires bones, a currency that heroes can pick up from dead enemies. Before bones can be used, a hero must take them back to the retirement home for "processing."

Enjoy, and check out the bug-fix and post-jam versions, especially for an improved audio experience.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorDaring Owl Studios
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Fantasy, Ludum Dare 50, Singleplayer, Sprites, Tower Defense, Unity
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