Agent Tree, we have a new mission for you. The world is (once again) under threat of invasion, and we need your inhuman agility to seize the invasion plans from a poorly guarded file cabinet.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to tap the blue arrows when they reach the top of the screen and line up with the gray guide arrows.

Whatever you see or experience, DO NOT be distracted. The fate of the world is far larger than your little life.

All graphics and audio created in 68 hours.  DDR emulator created in 16 hours. Somehow.

This game has been tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. If you are having lagging problems, refresh. If you are having lagging problems still, or have resolution problems, try downloading the standalone internet version:

Latest Update: 4/27/2018 v2.0
Added checkbeat countdown, fixed locked art screen, fixed chicken end dialogue.


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hey! Just wanted to say, that although the game is pretty good, the notes barely match the music. Other than the charting and the music though, this game is amazing! It's short and sweet, with different endings. Could use some work, but a 9/10 for me!

A nice little jam-style game, would love to see this idea expanded upon. Stealth + rhythm is a unique combination!