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As a child, your dream was to work for a publishing house, lending your critical eye to Nobel-winning authors. Instead, you've ended up at Planetary Press, where you copyedit for the most hackneyed (yet somehow still best-selling) authors on the market.

Worse, you've been seeing these weird glitches on your computer lately. And they're targeting the spaces in your manuscript.

Stop the glitches and delete their errors before you run out of spaces!



EASY: Click on glitches and errors to remove them.

MEDIUM: Click on glitches to destroy them. Click on an error and type the incorrect letter to remove it.

HARD: Murder those glitches with clicks. Eviscerate those errors by typing the incorrect letters. Mistakes lower your score!


All writing, audio, and art created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42 by Daring Owl Studios.

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